Murano & Burano Hotel to Ship

Excursion Overview

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Luggage will be delivered directly to the ship.

Visit two of the Venetian Lagoon's 40 islands--Murano and Burano.

Excursion Description

Walk from your hotel to the Cornoldi Pier, (10 minutes from St. Mark’s square). Board our private boat and will visit two of the Venetian Lagoon’s 40 islands--Murano and Burano. In 1291, when furnaces were banned from Venice as a fire precaution, the manufacturers of exquisite glassware were transferred to Murano. Glassware was one of the few Venetian exports and as such, the secrets of this skilful craft were tightly guarded.Today Murano products of blown-glass chandeliers, goblets and intricate works of art are renowned worldwide. You will visit one of the many workshops. Burano is next--brightly painted houses decorate this small and cheerful fishing village that is best known for its lacemaking. Admire these beautiful works that require hours of labour, and maybe even purchase some, if you like. Then, re-board your boat for your transfer to Venice Cruise Ship terminal.

NOTE: Luggage will be delivered directly to the ship.


For guests who are staying at a CCL Recommended hotel


Note: A minimum of 25 guests must be reached in order for this excursion to operate. Your bus may pick up from more than one hotel before your excursion begins.

Booking Confirmation:
The deadline for tour booking is 3 days prior to sailing.

Once you have booked your excursion, please print up your booking and provide this confirmation to our Carnival Representative at your hotel.

To review your order and display your booked excursion, you must take the following steps.

  • Go to
  •  Log in.
  •  Select the “My Cruise” option on top blue bar (next to your red cruise countdown clock)
  •  Select "View Cruise Details" (the first choice on the “My Cruise” dropdown menu)
  •  Select "View Cruise Details” (on left hand side, the blue box underneath the small map)
  •  Select the "My Orders" tab (the first choice on that "View Cruise Details” dropdown menu)

This will display your itinerary and the excursions that you have purchased. Please print this screen and bring with you.


Once you have booked your tour with Carnival Cruise Lines, please click directly on this link and email the answers to the following questions:

  • Full Name, as it appears on your booking;
  • Booking #;
  • Date of tour;
  • Name and address of your booked hotel:
  • Full Excursion Name booked;
  • Number of tickets booked;

For guests not staying at a Carnival Recommended hotel, please be at either of the three hotels below for tour collection 20 minutes prior to departure time shown on your booking.

  • Hilton Molino Stucky
  • Bonvecchiati Hotel

  • Saturnia International 

Murano & Burano Hotel To Ship in Venice, Italy Murano & Burano Hotel To Ship in Venice, Italy Murano & Burano Hotel To Ship in Venice, Italy Murano & Burano Hotel To Ship in Venice, Italy Murano & Burano Hotel To Ship in Venice, Italy
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