Rostock's Top 10

Berlin, (Warnemunde), Germany

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Excursion Description

This tour covers the top ten sights in the Hanseatic city of Rostock by coach and on foot and is the best way to ensure you do not miss the highlights during your visit to Warnemünde (Rostock).


It’s a 30-minute ride into the heart of the town. While other towns pay homage to glass and aluminium, the buildings in this old Hanseatic city pay tribute to diverse architectural eras, from medieval times to the 1950s in the center, and from 19th-century villas in the suburbs to modern housing blocks.


The top ten sights you will see are:

(1) the University of Rostock, founded in 1419. This is the oldest and largest university in continental northern Europe and the Baltic Sea area as well as the second-oldest in northern Europe after the University of St. Andrews.

(2) Kröpeliner Tor is one of four of the 22 original city gates to survive the ravages of time. The Hanseatic trade route of the League once began here. Kroepeliner Strasse is a popular boulevard for pedestrians with many stores and cafés. It is lined with many gabled houses from the 17th and 19th centuries. Here you will also see the fountain of joy with its cheerful bronze sculptures. Even though the city center was largely destroyed during World War II, you will still find many historical buildings in this district.

(3) New Market Square. This medieval square is lined with six original carefully-preserved, gabled houses from the 15th and 16th centuries.

(4) St. Mary’s is an imposing brick Gothic church built in the 13th century—its amazing clock is still in working condition with its completely accurate calendar up to the year 2017. Enter the church during your time at leisure.

(5) The Convent of the Holy Cross was founded around 1270 as a convent for Cistercian nuns. This generally well-preserved monastery complex still conveys an impression of its original seclusion.

(6) Lange Strasse—a prestigious boulevard with residential and office buildings in Stalinist-style covered over with brick Gothic elements.

(7) Steintor & Ständehaus —Steintor, was erected at the site of a destroyed predecessor from the Middle Ages in 1577 and looks like a mighty cube with a cap; the Ständehaus is where Mecklenburg’s crafts tradespeople used to hold meetings. It is a very ornamental neo-Gothic brick building built in 1893.

(8) Old Harbour & Warehouse Complex. Rostock has long traditions in shipbuilding and trade, and the Hanseatic town flourished as a trading center in the Middle Ages. Drive past the old harbor area where old and modern ships and restaurants are located right next to the water.

(9) Concrete slab structures—in sharp contrast to the charming buildings of Old Rostock, these modern, functional buildings were built during the 1960s by the German Democratic Republic (GDR—East Germany). Today about 60% of Rostock’s population lives in such structures.

(10) Warnemünde—the fishing village acquired by Rostock’s town council in 1323—an old seaside resort known for its lovely villas, fishermen’s and captain’s houses.


After this great trip to Rostock the coach will bring you back to the ship with wonderful memories.

Rostock's Top 10 in Berlin, (Warnemunde), Germany Rostock's Top 10 in Berlin, (Warnemunde), Germany Rostock's Top 10 in Berlin, (Warnemunde), Germany Rostock's Top 10 in Berlin, (Warnemunde), Germany Rostock's Top 10 in Berlin, (Warnemunde), Germany Rostock's Top 10 in Berlin, (Warnemunde), Germany Rostock's Top 10 in Berlin, (Warnemunde), Germany Rostock's Top 10 in Berlin, (Warnemunde), Germany Rostock's Top 10 in Berlin, (Warnemunde), Germany Rostock's Top 10 in Berlin, (Warnemunde), Germany Rostock's Top 10 in Berlin, (Warnemunde), Germany Rostock's Top 10 in Berlin, (Warnemunde), Germany Rostock's Top 10 in Berlin, (Warnemunde), Germany Rostock's Top 10 in Berlin, (Warnemunde), Germany Rostock's Top 10 in Berlin, (Warnemunde), Germany
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