Frequently Asked Questions
What is our Duty Free allowance?

Regulations from ATF: Cigarettes and Tobacco Products   Foreign-made cigarettes and tobacco products may still be brought into the U.S. in personal-use quantities (exemption: 1 carton per person). 

The following guidelines pertain to U.S. Residents only. Non-U.S. Residents must comply with customs allowance guidelines set-up by the Customs Office in their particular country. Specific information will be provided on board the ship. 

All Heads of Households are required to complete one U.S. Customs Declaration Form, to include those family members traveling with them who reside at the same address.  

The Head of Household must declare the total value of all articles acquired abroad that they are bringing into the United States, including those items purchased on the ship, in foreign ports and any duty free stores. All purchases including tax free items (ex: artwork, unset precious gemstones, perfume, cosmetics, antiques and U.S. made products) must be listed on the back of the U.S. Customs declaration form. Undeclared merchandise is subject to seizure and/or penalty.  

If the family has exceeded the U.S. Customs exemptions, the Head of Household must present him or herself with receipts to the Customs Agents on the last morning of the cruise before the debarkation process begins.  

Duty-Free Allowance: Ship itineraries that include any of U.S Virgin Islands: St. Thomas; St. Croix; St. John.             

$1600 (retail) of duty-free purchases per person may be spent. Note: of the $1600, no more than $800 can be purchased outside the U.S. Virgin Islands or on board. 5 liters of alcohol per person (21 years or older). 

Note: 1 liter of alcohol must be a product of the U.S. Virgin Islands. 5 cartons of cigarettes containing 200 cigarettes each (18 years or older). Note: 4 cartons of cigarettes must be purchased in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

100 non-Cuban cigars (18 years or older).   

Duty-Free Allowance: All other ship itineraries. 
$800 (retail) of duty-free purchases per person may be spent.
1 liter of alcohol per person (21 years or older). 
Note: On certain itineraries, an additional liter may be purchased. 
1 carton of cigarettes containing 200 cigarettes (18 years or older). 
100 non-Cuban cigars (18 years or older).