Frequently Asked Questions
Fly Aweigh Guest, Travel Hotline and Airline Delays

Fly Aweigh® Air Fare Supplements Program

Click here for detailed information on the Fly Aweigh® Air Fare Supplements Program.

Inbound Fly Aweigh® guests from some cities west of the Rockies are entitled to overnight accommodations in the port city for Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa sailings, and in Orlando for Port Canaveral and Jacksonville sailings.

NOTE: Transfers to and from the pier are not included, but may be purchased through Carnival Cruise Lines Reservations or MyReservations at least 5 days prior to sailing, or on board the ship (one-way only) through the Information Desk (excluding Honolulu/Ensenada).


Carnival’s Travel Hotline

If you are experiencing a travel delay en route to the ship or returning home after your voyage, call our travel hotline at 1-877-TVL-HTLN (1-877-885-4856) or 1-305-406-4779. Our representatives are on call to assist you with any question or travel emergency, 24 hours a day.


Airline Delays

Experienced travelers know that air travel schedules can be affected by a number of factors. If your flight arrives at your ship’s home port after the ship’s scheduled sailing time due to weather or mechanical problems, contact Carnival’s Travel Hotline, 1-877-TVL-HTLN (1-877-885-4856) or 1-305-406-4779 and/or a supervisor at the airline’s ticket counter for assistance in securing hotel accommodations and flight arrangements to your ship’s next destination. If the airline is unable to secure hotel accommodations, click here for the list of hotels that will offer a preferential rate. Please call prior to arrival at the hotel for reservations and identify yourself as a Carnival guest.

Once you have reached the first port of call, proceed to the pier for embarkation. Notify the Information Desk immediately upon your arrival on board the ship. Fly Aweigh® Program guests should obtain a receipt for reimbursement of taxi fare.