Diabetes, Dialysis & Oxygen

If you are traveling with injectable medication(s) and need a container for disposal, please contact the Medical Center or Housekeeping staff onboard. Staterooms are equipped with mini-bars, which are designed to maintain the temperature of beverages. Please do not use it to store medications that have specific temperature requirements. Portable medi-coolers are available on a first come first serve basis. If a cooler is not available, our Medical Center onboard can assist you with refrigeration. Or you may bring your own cooler for this purpose. Ships equipped with mini-bars are:

Carnival Breeze
Carnival Conquest
Carnival Dream
Carnival Freedom
Carnival Glory
Carnival Legend
Carnival Liberty 
  Carnival Magic
Carnival Miracle
Carnival Pride
Carnival Spirit
Carnival Splendor
Carnival Valor

Hemodialysis is not available on board ship. Guests requiring hemodialysis are responsible for pre-arranging their dialysis in ports of call. Factors such as inclement weather may prevent the ship from calling on the port where the dialysis is scheduled. Guests requiring peritoneal dialysis are responsible for bringing the necessary supplies to perform the self-dialysis in their cabin. Peritoneal dialysis supplies are not typically available from the ship’s medical center. Our Medical Center onboard is for minor emergencies and cannot supply or refill prescriptions.

If you have arranged to have your dialysis solutions delivered, please contact us at specialneeds@carnival.com with your vendor information. If you need to travel with your own medical equipment, medications, or supplies, it is important that you hand carry. Please do not pack these items with your checked luggage. If you need assistance with boarding your supplies, please see a Carnival Cruise Lines representative once inside the embarkation lobby.

Guest using Oxygen or other breathing apparatus are responsible for traveling with their own supply of Oxygen and medications. Guests need to bring enough Oxygen to last the duration of the cruise; oxygen supply onboard the vessels are for emergency use only.

If you choose to hand carry your oxygen, packing oxygen cylinders and/or tanks in your luggage is strictly prohibited, as is putting them through security x-ray machines. Please hand-carry your oxygen machines (BiPAP, CPAP, Concentrator, Nebulizer, etc.) and not place them in your checked luggage.

The Medical Center is equipped with oxygen for emergency use ONLY. If you will require the use of oxygen during your cruise, you must arrange for an adequate supply to be delivered to the ship on your sailing date. (Likewise, all guests undergoing CAPD (Peritoneal Dialysis) must arrange for the delivery of solutions and supplies.) Please contact Guest Services once onboard for proper storage of your oxygen. All guests are responsible for the pickup and delivery of their oxygen. Please have your medical supply company contact us, otherwise port clearance may not be granted.

It would be most helpful for you to carry with you a copy of your medical records (e.g., a list of your medical conditions, allergies, names and dosages of your medication, a copy of your EKG If applicable and the name and contact information of your physician).

If you need more information, please email us at specialneeds@carnival.com. Additionally, if you have any accessibility issues or concerns, please call 1-800-929-6400 or email us at access@carnival.com.