Cruises from Baltimore, MD

Set sail from a city dominated by its historic harbor on Carnival cruises from Baltimore, Maryland. Many of Baltimore’s vibrant neighborhoods and important sights overlook the lively harbor, making it a snap for Carnival cruisers to get a taste of the city’s history. A collection of museums, markets, and maritime activities will start your Carnival cruise from Baltimore in style.

  • Stroll among the buzzing shops and maritime sites of the Inner Harbor.
  • Cheer for the hometown Baltimore Orioles during the summer baseball season.
  • Catch an artillery demonstration at the Revolutionary War-era Fort McHenry.
  • Snack on sweet treats at an old-world cafe in Little Italy.
  • Discover the work of America’s folk artists at the American Visionary Art Museum.

Average weather in Baltimore, MD
Month High Low Prec Month High Low Prec
January 41F 24F 3.05inc July 87F 67F 4.07inc
February 45F 27F 3.00inc August 85F 65F 3.29inc
March 54F 34F 3.90inc September 78F 58F 4.03inc
April 65F 43F 3.19inc October 67F 45F 3.33inc
May 74F 52F 3.99inc November 56F 37F 3.30inc
June 83F 62F 3.46inc December 45F 28F 3.37inc
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