Cruises from Miami, FL

Because it’s so close to the Caribbean, Miami, Florida is by reputation the world’s cruise capital. Rev up for your Carnival cruise from Miami with the city’s nonstop action, from party-ready South Beach and spicy Little Havana to the Mediterranean style of Coral Gables. Once you’ve experienced all the architectural beauty, energetic street life, and sun-kissed beaches, you may want to extend your stay in town after your Miami cruise returns.

  • Drink up the sizzling nightlife on boisterous Ocean Drive.
  • See the classic architecture in the South Beach Art Deco historic district.
  • Grab a cafecito and a Cubano sandwich on Calle Ocho in Little Havana.
  • Dive into the coral Venetian Pool before your Carnival cruise from Miami.
  • Glide past gators on an airboat ride in the Everglades.

Average weather in Miami, FL
Month High Low Prec Month High Low Prec
January 74F 61F 2.09inc July 88F 78F 4.35inc
February 75F 63F 2.42inc August 89F 79F 6.37inc
March 76F 65F 3.00inc September 87F 78F 7.88inc
April 79F 69F 3.20inc October 84F 75F 4.47inc
May 83F 74F 4.98inc November 79F 70F 2.74inc
June 87F 77F 8.27inc December 76F 64F 2.05inc
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