Cruises from Norfolk, VA

Set sail as thousands of seafaring Americans have before you, when you book a Carnival cruise from Norfolk, a 400-year-old seaport. Revitalized Norfolk, Virginia is now the proud home of a sparkling waterfront filled with green parks, festive shopping malls, delicious restaurants, and even fascinating maritime museums and monuments. Before you cruise from Norfolk, you’ll find yourself near two colonial villages, miles of beaches, and a blooming botanical garden.

  • Watch artisans blow glass at the Chrysler Museum of Art.
  • Take a ferry to colonial Olde Towne Portsmouth village.
  • Ride the roller coasters at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.
  • Tour the Norfolk waterfront by boat from the NAUTICUS museum.
  • Search for antique jewelry and furniture in the Ghent neighborhood.

Average weather in Norfolk, VA
Month High Low Prec Month High Low Prec
January 48F 33F 3.40inc July 88F 72F 5.14inc
February 51F 35F 3.23inc August 85F 71F 5.52inc
March 58F 41F 3.68inc September 79F 65F 4.76inc
April 68F 49F 3.41inc October 70F 54F 3.42inc
May 75F 58F 3.41inc November 61F 45F 3.15inc
June 84F 67F 4.26inc December 52F 36F 3.26inc
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