New York, NY

Start your Carnival cruise from New York City, an urban island overflowing with unparalleled art and architecture, lively ethnic neighborhoods, designer shops, and the best restaurants in the world. The top sights are clustered in Midtown Manhattan — you can easily visit Grand Central Terminal, shop on Fifth Avenue, and see the twinkling lights of Broadway in Times Square on the same day. As your cruise from New York glides down the Hudson River, you’ll pass must-sees like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.

  • Pause amid the rush of Grand Central Terminal to look up at the starry ceiling.
  • Relax on the green lawns of Central Park.
  • Walk the mile-long Brooklyn Bridge before you cruise from New York.
  • Ascend the Empire State Building for 80-mile vistas.

See it all from New York.

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