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Explore Ketchikan, AK

For more than 100 years, Ketchikan, Alaska, has been the gateway to the North. Ketchikan cruises dock along the famed historic waterfront with the flourishing art scene and spectacular totem poles that have made this former frontier town a popular southern Alaskan port of call. Experience the sights, atmosphere, and excitement of the Last Frontier as soon as you cross the Alaska border on Carnival cruises to Ketchikan.

  • See the most impressive ancient and modern totem poles in Alaska.
  • Catch a demonstration of lumberjacking skills by adroit woodsmen—and women.
  • Visit quaint shops on a historic street that’s actually a dock.

Things To Do

Local Attractions

A Ketchikan cruise takes you to an Alaskan rough-and-tumble frontier town turned into an artistic hub. Along the streets are totem poles considered among the finest ever carved, and numerous shops selling works by Alaska’s best-known painters and craftsmen. Adventurous tours lead into the rainforest, along the beaches, and onto the ocean waters teeming with marine life.