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Explore King'S Wharf, Bermuda

Kick back with the sun-kissed pleasures of a pink-sand paradise on Carnival® cruises to King’s Wharf, Bermuda. This British overseas territory has a rich naval heritage and powdery beaches fringed in coconut palms. Cruises to King’s Wharf and Bermuda’s glittering archipelago of 138 islets and cays are blessed by the Gulf Stream’s balmy subtropical clime, which meanders between Bermuda and mainland North America.


  • Explore underwater shipwrecks in the turquoise seas.
  • Dig your feet into the soft pink sand on one of Bermuda’s 34 beautiful beaches.
  • Tee up on world-class golf courses on a King’s Wharf, Bermuda cruise.
  • Join the Bermudans for a proper British afternoon tea.
  • Visit the colonial town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


Things To Do

Local Attractions

Let sunny, serene Bermuda captivate you on a cruise to King’s Wharf, Bermuda. Make a splash in turquoise seas or drift away on a pink-sand beach. Then hit the towns for a rich sampling of culture and history and a spot of good English tea. With a few days in King’s Wharf, you’ll have plenty of paradise to explore.

  • Stroll the scented lanes of the Botanical Gardens.
  • Take a scooter tour around this picturesque island.
  • See colonial cannons and shipwreck artifacts in the National Museum of Bermuda.
  • Buy yourself a pair of knee-length Bermuda shorts.

Fun Facts

  • Legends and mysteries abound about the infamous Bermuda Triangle, a swath of the Atlantic Ocean from Bermuda to Puerto Rico and Florida.
  • Bermuda shorts originated not in Bermuda but in India, where British troops first wore the knee-length shorts. Eventually, the shorts were integrated into all tropical kit gear.
  • Bermuda’s beautiful terrain is not blotted by advertising signage: The island has a ban on billboards and neon signs.

Within Walking Distance

King’s Wharf cruises dock at the Royal Naval Dockyard, one of the island’s top attractions. A strategic British naval base, the Royal Naval Dockyard was built by convicts shipped over from England in the 1820s. The Dockyard is now a park, with Victorian street lights and a tourist village with restaurants and a marina. The circa-1875 Clocktower (with twin clock towers) houses shops, a Bermuda Craft Market, and more. The dockyard even has a nice beach, Snorkel Park Beach, with calm, shallow waters that are ideal for families.

Royal Naval Dockyard

Take time to explore the award-winning National Museum of Bermuda in the dockyard’s Keep citadel. Inside are restored military buildings, cannons, shipwreck artifacts, and vintage boats. Make reservations ahead of time if you want to swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Quest, also at the dockyard.

Beyond the Port Area

Incorporated in 1793, the City of Hamilton was long known as the "show window of the British Empire" on Bermuda. It’s easy to explore the city on foot on a King’s Wharf cruise. The City of Hamilton boasts the largest number of restaurants and bars on Bermuda, especially on and near Front Street, also home to some of Hamilton’s most elegant stores. In the afternoon, head to the Front Street docks to see fishermen bringing in the day’s catch. Opposite the Visitor Information Centre is the landmark Birdcage. Not so long ago, police officers wearing Bermuda shorts directed traffic from this birdcage-like pedestal. These days, traffic lights do the job. Outside of Hamilton are the Botanical Gardens, a beautiful span of 36-acres of lush native plants, palms, and flowers.

Hamilton City

On the island’s eastern end are architecturally rich St. George and its 400-year-old fortifications, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The second-oldest permanent English settlement in the New World (after Jamestown, Virginia), St. George has authentic examples of Bermudian architecture from the 1600s to the early 1900s.

Beaches in Kings-Wharf

bermuda beach

On a cruise to Bermuda, you’ll have the chance to explore the island’s 34 beautiful beaches. The island’s iconic pink sand is most prevalent at Horseshoe Bay Beach in Southampton Parish. Bermuda’s most famous beach is Elbow Beach, near the City of Hamilton, so-named for its gentle elbow curve. You can snorkel directly from the sands.

Shopping in Kings-Wharf

Bermuda is a shopping mecca, offering a variety of goods in charming settings, such as gaily painted cottages and historical buildings. However, deal hunters will find few real bargains.


Thanks to lower import tariffs, certain British goods are great buys on a cruise to King’s Wharf. Most of Bermuda’s top shopping is along Front Street in the City of Hamilton. Look for goods from Great Britain and Ireland, such as soft cashmere sweaters and finely-tailored tweed jackets. Bermuda is also a good place to buy antiques, nautical gifts, and island crafts, including Bermuda cedar-wood gifts, straw bags, banana dolls, and pottery.

Travel Tips


  • English is the official language of this self-governing British overseas territory.
  • The Bermuda dollar is the official currency, although the U.S. dollar is widely accepted.
  • The Bermuda archipelago enjoys a sunny subtropical climate. Pack for warm days and breezy evenings most of the year.
  • Cruises to Bermuda visiting King’s Wharf dock in the historic Royal Naval Dockyard.