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Explore Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Enjoy laidback British civility in a sun-splashed tropical locale on your Carnival® Grand Cayman cruise. Don’t let the island’s scrubland terrain fool you—a spectacular marine paradise lies just offshore of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, where a living undersea wall drops dramatically into the ocean deep. Cruises to Grand Cayman bring you directly to the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the kaleidoscopic Caribbean Sea.

  • Stretch out on the glimmering white sands at Seven Mile Beach.
  • Stroll the shops, cafes, and museums in George Town, Grand Cayman.
  • Swim with gentle stingrays in Stingray City on your Grand Cayman cruise.
  • Dive in the wondrous undersea world along the Cayman Wall.
  • Spot native parrots and lizards in the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.

Things To Do

Local Attractions

Enjoy a port day of snorkeling with stingrays and lounging on the soft sands of mile-long beaches on your Grand Cayman cruise. This sunny dot in the blue-green Caribbean Sea is small but special. On Grand Cayman, shapely palms cast shadows on landscaped lawns, iridescent fish ply the sparkling seas, and the sun shines almost everyday.

  • Shop for duty-free British goods, such as linens and china, in George Town.
  • Admire the panoramic views of the Caribbean from the Pedro St. James great house.
  • Snorkel the multicolored reef from Cayman Kai beach to Rum Point.
  • Sip a tropical drink in the barefoot-in-the-sand ambience of Calico Jack’s.
  • Visit green sea turtles at the Cayman Turtle Farm.

Fun Facts

  • Rum Point is named for the barrels of rum that long ago washed ashore here from a shipwreck.
  • The original capital of the Cayman Islands, Bodden Town, was founded in the early 1700s.
  • Grand Cayman is the peak of an underwater mountain, whose side—known as the Cayman Wall—plummets straight down for 490 feet before becoming a steep slope tumbling 5,900 feet to the ocean floor.

Within Walking Distance

Around the Port Area

A short distance from where your Carnival Grand Cayman cruise docks lies George Town, Grand Cayman’s capital. Considered the commercial heart of the island, it hums with restaurants, cafes, and shops. A handsome clock tower monument to King George V presides over Fort Street. On the waterfront at Harbour Drive, the small Cayman Islands National Museum, housed in an old courthouse, displays Caymanian artifacts. The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, at Harbour Place, showcases local and international art.

Beyond the Port Area

While on your Grand Cayman cruise vacation make sure to visit Stingray City/Sandbar, one of the island’s most popular attractions. These gentle creatures love to have their bellies rubbed, but always listen to the guide’s instructions when handling and feeding the stingrays. Coral Garden & Stingray Sandbar , Allura Catamaran Sail to Stingray City Sandbar , and Deluxe Stingray City Sandbar offer interactive excursions to Stingray City/Sandbar.

Beyond the Port

Green sea turtles—from 6 ounces to 600 pounds—are the big stars at the Cayman Turtle Farm. The Turtles, Turtles & More Turtles Deluxe and Dolphin Swim, Stingray Interaction & Turtle Farm excursions take you to the 23-acre marine park which includes Breaker’s Lagoon, the country’s largest swimming pool; Boatswain’s Lagoon, where you’ll swim with yearling size turtles; and Predator Reef, where you can view sharks and moray eels. Back on dry land, pay a visit to the Pedro St. James National Historic Site, where the estate’s great house perched on a limestone sea bluff is the centerpiece of a heritage park.

Beaches in Grand Cayman

Caribbean Beaches

Lapped by balmy, translucent seas, the powdery white sands of Seven Mile Beach begin north of George Town from your Carnival Grand Cayman cruise. Fringed by casuarina trees and surely one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean,Cayman Shore Snorkel offers an excursion for viewing brilliant coral and exotic marine life. The vivid coral reefs near Grand Cayman Island offer some of the most spectacular scuba diving in the world, and Certified Two Tank Diver excursion takes you to multiple sites to explore.

Shopping in Grand Cayman

Caribbean Shopping

Duty-free shops in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, sell silver, china, crystal, Irish linens, and British woolen goods, but prices are about the same as you’d find in the U.S. Keep in mind that turtle or black-coral products are illegal in the U.S. and most other Western nations, and cannot be brought back home.

Travel Tips


  • English is the official language of the Cayman Islands.
  • The legal tender is the Cayman Islands dollar, but U.S. dollars are commonly accepted.
  • Grand Cayman Island enjoys a warm, sunny climate, with average annual temperatures ranging between 72 and 88 degrees.
  • Carnival cruises to Grand Cayman anchor off George Town and ferry passengers to a pier in the middle of George Town’s shopping district.