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Explore Catalina Island, CA

Discover a sunny Southern California playground hidden beyond the Los Angeles horizon with Carnival cruises to Catalina Island. Just 22 miles from the mainland across the emerald-green Pacific Ocean, Catalina Island, California, has long been a getaway for savvy city hikers and sun-seekers. Cruise to Catalina Island to see California as it once was—from seaside Avalon and tiny Two Harbors to the undeveloped parkland of Catalina’s interior.

  • Window-shop along the Avalon waterfront on your Catalina Island cruise.
  • Snorkel through thick kelp forests at Casino Point Marine Park.
  • Glide into protected coves and hidden beaches by kayak.

Things To Do

Local Attractions

Pull into Avalon Bay on cruises to Catalina Island and it’s easy to spot the cylindrical Catalina Casino, just as concertgoers did back in the 1930s. Crescent Avenue shops and seafood restaurants connect the Casino with snorkeling at Lover’s Cove. There’s plenty to do while on Catalina Island, California.

  • Twirl through the famous Art Deco ballroom at the Catalina Casino.
  • Take a long lunch in Avalon.
  • Hit the road by bike for views over the Pacific and bustling Avalon harbor.
  • Climb the hills above Two Harbors, bordered by the Pacific on two sides.
  • Dive the shipwrecks and artificial reefs off Catalina Island.

Fun Facts

  • The Catalina Casino circular ballroom dance floor can accommodate more than 6,000 dancers.
  • Chewing-gum magnate William Wrigley, Jr., regularly sent his Chicago Cubs baseball team to Catalina Island for spring training from the 1920s to the 1950s.
  • Aside from rare native foxes and eagles, a herd of grazing bison also calls Catalina home, brought here as extras in a 1924 film and left to roam the island's wide-open spaces.

Within Walking Distance

From your Carnival cruise to Catalina Island it’s an easy stroll to the iconic Catalina Casino, perched at Avalon Bay’s northern point. On the Casino’s ground floor, the Catalina Island Museum displays artifacts from the island’s history—from prehistoric fossils to photos of sold-out concerts in the Casino. Upstairs is the glamorous circular ballroom where the brightest stars of American music performed in the 1930s. Explore both the casino and museum while on the Seaview & Seeland Combo Tour excursion.

Within Walking Distance

Crescent Avenue traces the Avalon harbor around the sweeping bay, past seafood restaurants and gift stores selling pottery and paintings by Catalina-based artists. For lunch or an early dinner, fish-n-chips stands dish up heaps of crispy golden fish, and sophisticated restaurants serve surf and turf with ocean views.

Beyond the Port Area

Just a mile and a half up Avalon Canyon Road, the Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Gardens commemorates William Wrigley, Jr., chewing-gum businessman and former owner of Catalina Island. While on the Avalon Views, Botanical Garden, & Glass Bottom Boat excursion, you’ll visit the memorial site which affords panoramic views of Avalon’s aquamarine harbor dotted with bobbing sailboats. Paths from here meander through botanical gardens blooming with wildflowers and bristling with Catalina cacti.


North of Avalon is sleepy Two Harbors village, named for the twin harbors on either side of a very narrow neck of land. Gleaming-white yachts anchor off both shores and laid-back restaurants serve fat buffalo burgers. Hike the trails into the surrounding mountains for views over tiny Two Harbors, with the sparkling Pacific Ocean on both sides.

The amazing Buffalo Eco & Yellow Sub Combo Tour excursion combines an eco-bus ride to the “Airport in the Sky” with a semi submarine tour. Sit back and relax on your two-hour journey to the “sky” viewing amazing canyons, scenic coastlines, native plants and wildlife. Keep your eyes open for bison, island fox, black crows and bald eagles. Return to town and board the SSN Nautilus yellow semi-submarine. Enjoy beautiful views as you explore the underwater sea gardens at Lover’s Cove. Have the opportunity to feed the fish from your seat through the high tech torpedo fish feeding system.

Watersports in Catalina Island

scuba diving

Take a Carnival cruise to Catalina Island to snorkel, dive and kayak through kelp forests—home to octopi, sea stars, and hundreds of species of glittering fish. Just a few minutes’ walk from town, on Avalon Bay’s southern end, is Lover’s Cove Marine Preserve. Swim through the clear waters alongside barracuda and orange Garibaldi fish. Catalina Casino sits above one of the island’s best snorkel spots, Casino Point Marine Park. Scuba divers can explore sunken ships and reefs teeming with neon fish and crustaceans. Paddle out from either marine park by kayak to find secluded coves and empty beaches tucked into Catalina’s rocky coast and accessible only by sea when on the Catalina Kayak Expedition excursion.

Outdoor Activities in Catalina Island


Nearly 90% of Catalina Island is a natural wildlife preserve. Dozens of trails pass through the island’s oak forests and skirt dramatic sea bluffs. On a bus tour, stop for photo ops of the island’s white sea cliffs and mountains.

Travel Tips


  • Your cruise to Catalina Island anchors offshore. Tenders ferry cruisers to bustling Avalon harbor’s Green Pier.
  • Since very few cars are allowed on Catalina Island, locals and visitors alike get around Avalon by foot.