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Tahiti is French Polynesia's largest and most glamorous tropical island and home to its unique capital city, Papeete. Papeete, meaning th "water basket," was once a gathering place where Tahitians came to fill their calabashes with fresh waters. Tahiti is the most famous and populated island of the 118 islands that make up Tahiti Polynesia. Papeete's population is reported to be between 90–120,000 people, accounting for well over half of the island’s overall population of 180,000 people. Its coastal lands, edged with a rugged coastline, are home to fields of tropical flowers and most of the island's population. Papeete, an invigorating capital city and gateway of the country, boasts world-class resorts, spas, fine dining and unique restaurants, nightclubs, vibrant markets, pearl shops, and boutiques.

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