Los AngelesTransfers

Carnival Cruise Lines offers transportation between Los Angeles International Airport or the Long Beach Airport and the Port of Long Beach. These services are only available on the day of your cruise and immediately after your cruise.

Important Facts About Our Transfer Services

Where can I purchase transfers?
Purchase of transfers can be done through Manage on Carnival.com or Carnival Reservations up to 5 days prior to your sail date; you will need to provide your flight information in Online Checkin at the time of purchase. Flight details are provided to the transportation company to assist in expediting your transfer to the pier. It is your responsibility to update Carnival with any changes to your flight schedule to ensure you are met by the transportation company. New bookings made within 5 days of sailing may purchase the transfer at the Los Angeles Airport or Long Beach Airport with a Carnival Cruise Lines representative*.
(*Cash payment is not accepted at the airport, the transfer(s) costs are charged directly to your onboard Sail & Sign Account.)

How do I purchase transfers?
Transfers can be purchased in three easy steps:

              1. Login to Access Your Booking
   2. Under Cruise Checklist click "Activities"
   3. Under Activities & Excursions choose "Ground Transportation"

What is the cost of Transfers?

Applicable to Cruise Only guests. 

             Between Long Beach Airport and the Port of Long Beach:      One Way:  $22.00     Round Trip:  $44.00

Between Los Angeles Airport and the Port of Long Beach: One Way:  $30.00
Round Trip:  $60.00

Applicable to Fly Aweigh guests using Carnival's air program. (Pre-purchased only).

             Between Long Beach Airport and Los Angeles Airport           
and the Port of Long Beach:     
One Way:


    Round Trip:


  *Transfer rates are subject to change and any unused services are non refundable.

What are the flight guidelines for the latest airport arrivals and earliest return flights?

  LATEST FLIGHT ARRIVAL: 4:30pm Ship Departure
             Latest flight arrivals into the Long Beach Airport: 2:30pm
  Latest flight arrivals into the Los Angeles Airport: 2:00pm
  LATEST FLIGHT ARRIVAL: 5:30pm Ship Departure
  Latest flight arrivals into the Long Beach Airport: 3:30pm
  Latest flight arrivals into the Los Angeles Airport: 3:00pm 
  Earliest flight departures out of the Long Beach Airport: 11:30am
  Earliest flight departures out of the Los Angeles Airport: 12:00pm

Prior to your cruise you will be met at the airport:
On the day of the cruise, you will be assisted by our Meet & Greet agents and escorted to your vehicle for transfer to the port. Transfer service begins approximately:  09:30am at Long Beach Airport And Los Angeles Airport.

For availability contact your travel agent, go to Manage on Carnival.com or contact Carnival Reservations at 1-800-327-9501.

Conditions and Restrictions
Transfers operate on the day of embarkation or debarkation only. Cruise only guests will be required to provide flight information via Online Checkin when purchasing transfers. When flight details have been recorded in Online Checkin updates are the responsibility of the guest. Carnival is not responsible to provide transfers for guests who schedule flights outside of the service times or provide incorrect flight information. The vehicle operator is an independent contractor. Carnival assumes no liability for losses, damages or injuries in connection with the use of the operator. Carnival reserves the right to discontinue transfer service at anytime. Prices and acceptable flight times are subject to change without notice.