There’s lots to do on a Carnival cruise, all up and down the ship — and even off the ship, when you’re ashore. But when you vacation with us, you always have a ‘home base’ to return to during your cruise: your stateroom! We design Carnival staterooms specifically for relaxing, for recharging, for enjoying quiet times with those who matter to you.

To make sure your room works for you, we start with the basics of home, like television and a private bathroom with a shower. Then we add plush bathrobes to help you lounge like a pro, and Carnival Comfort Collection linens you can really cozy up to. You need a place to stow your stuff, so we include ample closet and drawer space. To take things a little beyond the comforts of home, you can even enjoy room service any time, day or night… and best of all, it’s free!

To ensure maximum fun for all, all of these things are included in all Carnival staterooms.

Number of Travelers Notice

* Up to 5 travelers can be booked to one stateroom. Select "Multiple Staterooms"to book more than one.