For cruises of 16 nights and longer, what COVID-19 vaccine types are accepted?

Vaccines that are approved or authorized for emergency use by the U.S. FDA, or the World Health Organization, or the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Some countries and regions on the itinerary may only accept vaccines approved by their regulatory agencies. Currently approved or authorized vaccine types:

COVID-19 Vaccination Manufacturer Also known as:
Pfizer: 2 Doses Comirnaty / BioNTech
Moderna: 2 Doses Spikevax
Johnson & Johnson: 1 Dose Janssen
AstraZeneca: 2 Doses Covishield / Vaxzevria
Sinopharm: 2 Doses Vero Cell
Sinovac: 2 Doses CoronaVac
Covaxin: 2 Doses
Novavax: 2 Doses Covovax / Nuvaxovid

Will the crew be vaccinated?

Yes, we require our crew to be fully vaccinated and receive booster shots when eligible.

For cruises of 16 nights or longer, what kind COVID-19 tests do you accept and what am I required to present?

In addition to lab administered tests, guests may consider using a self-administered, supervised telehealth viral antigen test. Guests can show the negative test result, confirming the guest name and date of birth, in the form of a printout, an email, or an app screen from the test provider.

Do you accept a document of recovery on a cruise requiring a pre-cruise test?

Guests who have recovered from COVID-19 within 3 months of their sailing, and are at least 10 days past their positive test result date and have no symptoms, can present a document of recovery, i.e., paper or electronic copy of the positive viral test result from a certified laboratory (dated no more than 90 days prior to the sailing date).

What if I test positive for COVID before my cruise?

Please do not go to the cruise terminal if you tested positive within 5 days of sailing. Call 1-800-314-9859 to cancel your cruise and you will be eligible for a Future Cruise Credit (FCC).

To qualify for the FCC, you, your family members living with you in the same household or traveling companions assigned to the same stateroom are required to notify Carnival within 24 hours of receiving a positive COVID-19 test result. Your positive test result must be presented in a form acceptable to Carnival, i.e., a laboratory test record, digital certificate or healthcare record, which indicates your full legal name, date of birth, type of test, date and time sample was taken, test result stating “POSITIVE” and laboratory, testing site, and/or healthcare provider details. Handwritten test results and photographs of at home test results are not acceptable.

What happens if I am denied boarding for having COVID symptoms?

Anyone with signs and symptoms of COVID-19, or who are identified at-risk, will need to self-test at the terminal and be approved for boarding at the discretion of our medical team. If allowed to sail, health checks throughout the cruise will be performed when necessary. Guests who test positive at embarkation will not be able to cruise and will be provided a Future Cruise Credit (FCC). If a guest traveled by air to join their cruise, they may be required to quarantine before traveling home and any related expenses will be for their own account.

Close contacts of a positive case will be allowed to board if they are asymptomatic and test negative at embarkation and agree to additional testing up to 5 days from last exposure. Should they decide not to sail, close contacts will also be provided a FCC.

What happens if I test positive for COVID-19 during the cruise?

Guests, and their close contacts, may be required to quarantine in their stateroom until our medical team determines it is safe for them to resume their cruise activities. A pro-rated Future Cruise Credit (FCC) equal to the number of days in quarantine will be provided. We will offer complimentary amenities like Wi-Fi and room service, along with regular visits or tele-consultations with medical staff. If a guest needs to quarantine locally at the end of the cruise, Carnival will help make quarantine arrangements; however, all related expenses will be the guests' responsibility.

How will I be notified on any additional requirements for my cruise?

Guests are asked to update their profile on Carnival.com with their current information so we can communicate any changes directly with them on a timely basis. We will also keep this page updated.