Airport Transportation

You can count on a cruise to relieve stress, but getting to the ship shouldn’t cause you any more of it. Whether you’re coming from across town or flying in from another city, get worry-free transportation with Carnival.

We have ground transportation partners everywhere, and they’re all committed to your safety and comfort as they get you to your vacation. If you’re flying in, you can get the ease of being met by Carnival staff at the airport, who will escort you to a shuttle bus that takes you directly to the port — a great value. Or enjoy luxurious transportation in a private car (a sedan, SUV or even a limo) whether from the airport, your home or hotel.

Whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy the same peace of mind because we take care of everything. You’ll never have to worry about bringing cash, loading or unloading your luggage, or looking for parking at the port. And as easy as this makes getting to the ship, remember that you’ll enjoy the same service coming back after your cruise — a nice way to end a great vacation!