Carnival Foundation
The Carnival Foundation's mission is to provide financial and in-kind support to non-profit organizations dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in our homeport communities.

Although Carnival Cruise Lines supports a variety of local and national charitable organizations, what sets the company apart is the hands-on community service projects organized by its employee volunteer group, the "Friends Uniting Neighbors (F.U.N.) Team."

The "F.U.N. Team" was established by Carnival Foundation in 1997 as a grassroots organization designed to go a step beyond traditional volunteer service initiatives, providing employees with opportunities to venture out into the community and offer help where it is needed most.

Rather than simply donating money or participating in company-sponsored events, the "F.U.N. Team" is run by employees who seek out community service organizations on their own and then interact with them on a more personal level. Activities typically take place on a weekly basis throughout South Florida.

Organizations supported by the "F.U.N. Team" include:

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