Shore Excursion Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any children's prices for shore excursions?

Yes. Some excursions offer children’s prices for ages 4 through 12 and teen prices for children 13 through 18. Infants ages 3 and younger sitting on a parent’s lap and therefore not occupying a seat, are not charged for most shore excursions. These excursions are indicated with the "Infants Free" advisory.  There are also some shore excursions that require that each guest purchase a ticket, regardless of age. These requirements will be specifically noted in the shore excursion’s description.   If a parent would like their infant to occupy a seat, where it is not required, then the parent must purchase an excursion ticket for the infant at the published excursion price or child price, where available.  Parents are also responsible for bringing a safety seat for their child if required.