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Price Protection applies to Early Saver only. Please review your booking confirmation email to ensure the promotion you booked is eligible for price protection. To submit a Price Protection request, please complete the claim form below. We'll review your claim within two business days and if it meets the Price Protection requirements, you will have the choice of requesting an upgrade commensurate to the price differential (subject to availability), or we will process a non-refundable onboard credit for the fare difference. If a promotional onboard credit was included as part of your current fare please keep in mind that by adjusting to the lower fare the onboard credit will be forfeited. An email confirming the outcome of your request will be sent to you. Please indicate your preference below. If you booked your cruise with a travel agent and need to make a Price Protection claim, simply contact your travel agent and they will submit it for you. *Only 1 form per booking is required. Please do not submit multiple forms for one cabin.
By selecting yes, if we find this type of fare you will forfeit the stateroom number you have selected on your booking. Stateroom assignment will be provided at the time of check in on embarkation day.
By selecting yes, guest assumes all terms and conditions of the new promotion and may forfeit any or all features associated with the original fare, such as cabin assignment, onboard credit, an upgrade, special deposit and payment terms, etc.