Fresh Creations

Sun, sea… salad? Yep! Leave the pizza and burgers for the kids — or maybe just for later — because we’ve got an all-grown-up chopped salad station right inside Serenity. Fresh Creations is free and it’s there when you need it most: on sea days, those lazy afternoons of lounging around and enjoying all the good stuff your ship has to offer. There’s plenty of good here, starting with nearly a dozen varieties of greens (really!), tons of protein and veggie options… only to be topped by dressings creamy, vinaigretty… and in some cases freshly made right there. While made-to-order salads are always appealing, our chef has also designed a few specialties, like “Zensalada,” “Just Arugula Guy” and “Romaine Calm.” (Very punny, chef.)

The Details:

Meal Time: Lunch
Menu: Lunch
Age Range: 21+
Cost: Included with cruiseIncluded