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Cartagena, Colombia

Considering cruises to Colombia? You’ll want to make sure Cartagena is at the top of your vacation list. If you tell someone you’re planning on visiting Cartagena, make sure you tell ‘em which one — Colombia’s fifth-largest city found its namesake in a town in Spain that’s over 2,000 years old. But Carnival’s cruises to Colombia take you to Cartagena, Jr. — only about 500 years young — where you’ll find a vibrant Colombian city with a range of neighborhoods like the bustling Downtown, the traditional Getsemaní, and even the waterfront Bocagrande… an entire cultural center on a walkable peninsula featuring beaches, shopping and nightlife galore. Put yourself at the center of all this action with one of Carnival’s cruises to Cartagena.

  • Like many old towns, Cartagena has an “Old Town” section — a walled historic neighborhood you shouldn’t miss.
  • Built by the Spanish for protection from pirates, Castillo de San Felipe today opens its doors warmly to visitors from all over.
  • To go upscale, head downsouth. Bocagrande is home to shops, restaurants, shops and art galleries.