Introducing Funderstruck

(fun • der • struck)


The unmistakable feeling you get when you Choose Fun on Carnival; shocked and amazed by the power of fun; the feeling of being shamelessly joyful; a shockwave of fun; a shared euphoria.

Riding BOLT!, the world's first roller coaster at sea, Brian got Funderstruck so hard his 93-year-old grandmother felt it 3,000 miles away in Nebraska.


You may not know the word, but people have been experiencing that Funderstruck feeling for almost 50 years.

Whether it’s the thrill they get from unforgettable onboard action, destinations that live in their memories forever, or deliciously fun dining they're still craving seconds for, one thing is for sure: a Carnival cruise is the only place to get Funderstruck.

There’s so much fun to go around, it all adds up to a vacation vibe you’ve just gotta share.

Get that Funderstruck feeling today.