We're taking a look at future fun that's still to come… plus some great stuff you can get your hands on now!

We take celebration seriously, packing extra fun into everything! So whether you’re spending a holiday at sea in 2018 — yes, there’s still time — or eyeing one for late 2019, we wish you some very happy, very fun, holidays!

And that means… Carnival Panorama! When you hang your 2019 calendar, circle December 11th. That’s the day the world gets to finally enjoy all this ship has to offer, including — just announced — the first Sky Zone trampoline park at sea!

You have two ways to cruise Europe — and both are the fun way! There’s the Mediterranean’s laid-back sidewalk café vibe… but then Northern Europe has that mountain-‘n-glacier thing going on. Carnival Radiance and Carnival Legend are the amazing ships that get you there!

We make big announcements... and bigger ones. This one, on the other hand, is HUGE. Sailing in 2020 is Mardi Gras, a brand-new ship with not just a rollercoaster on board — the first ever at sea — but a name that pays homage to the Carnival ship that started it all.

Book a cruise for early 2019 and get yourself outdoors, at sea, enjoying a winter that’s way less wintery. It’s definitely not cold where we’re sailing!

When Carnival Radiance debuts in 2020, one part will have Shaq’s name all over it: the chicken restaurant. Yes, really — this ship is going to have the world’s first Big Chicken at sea, featuring the good stuff from the big guy for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Know what’s cool? Alaska! That’s not a joke — the summer’s the perfect season for grabbing a jacket and cruising this beautiful state made of quaint towns… and some absolutely stunning nature.