From seasonal vacation ideas to one amazing new ship — that’s now on sale! — we’re back with more great ways to get some fun started.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard about our new ship… and if so, there’s a great chance that you can’t wait for Mardi Gras to set sail in 2020. If you’re on board with this innovative ship, look forward to “Zones” — six themed areas packed with brand-new experiences for eating, drinking and spectacularly getting down to fun. You can book your vacation on Mardi Gras today!

Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Vancouver… San Francisco. All great West Coast places to visit… but would you know, these are also amazing spots to begin your next cruise! Hop on a ship and head toward destinations like the Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Hawaii and even the Panama Canal.

If your holidays involved a certain question — and the answer was “yes!” — we have a wedding planning tip for you. For a wedding you and your guests will love, think about tying the knot on a Carnival cruise. After all, how many weddings come with a built-in honeymoon?

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy summer like one. Getting outside to play, exploring new places, going swimming… with dolphins? Sure, why not? Hit the Caribbean this summer, maybe hop on a zipline and come home with epic memories to add to your — completely optional — "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" essay.

Take it from us: nobody really needs more reasons to start a cruise from the spectacular, delicious city of New Orleans. But hey, why not pile on two more reasons? Carnival Glory and Carnival Valor are heading to NOLA, which means more fun options when sailing to the Caribbean from the Crescent City.

Right now, yeah, Alaska would be a bit too cold for cruising. But once April rolls around, the coolest state of all is going to be approaching climate perfection. Summer is the best time to explore Alaska, and a Carnival cruise is an amazing way to check out some of Alaska’s finest coastal cities… plus glaciers and fjords in between!

If you already knew you could take a Carnival cruise through Europe, did you know there are actually two unique ways to do it? There are! Choose from the Mediterranean’s espresso-fueled (yet rather chill) culture in countries like Italy, Spain and France, or go for the glaciers of Norway — plus Scotland and Ireland’s finest cities, all fit for a postcard.