As the year comes to a close… the fun definitely isn’t! Now’s the perfect time to experience some of our best stuff — not to mention getting an early start on all of next year’s fun.

On Carnival cruises we do “festive” all 12 months of the year… so imagine how we turn it up when the year winds down and the holidays come around! There’s still time to plan a cruise for 2022, or get an early start on next year’s fun.

There’s so much to look forward to on Carnival Celebration™, and it’s all almost here! (In Miami! In November!) This new ship features some of our most exciting announcements ever. Catch up on the incredible new stage shows, find out who’s the Godmother… and how space exploration fits into all this fun!

Carnival Luminosa™ is about to set sail in November, and will be heading toward destinations so exotic you can pretty much pick one at random and have an unforgettable vacation. Australia, Alaska, Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, Japan and more are on the schedule… wow!

An Alaska cruise is such a unique summer experience that we’ve made it easier than ever to visit! Now there are three departure ports that let you explore this coolest of cruise destinations: LA, SAN-FRAN and SEA(TTLE). Pack a sweater and get ready to explore glaciers, fjords, mountains seaside towns and more.

We’ve been brewing our own original beers for a while now… and while we’re not quitting the cruise business, people are loving our stuff! So you can enjoy the limited-release Carnival Birthday Beer, plus the all-new ParchedPig® Beach Lager and our first-ever hard seltzers: ThirstyFrog® Piña Colada and ThirstyFrog® Berry Hibiscus. (And, psst, they’re all included in the Cheers package!)

More fun is always better, but a quick getaway you can fit pretty much anywhere on the calendar… that’s a *chef’s kiss.* Pick an island or two and make a fun long weekend out of it with the perfect easy-to-plan 3–4 day cruise.

A vacation that starts with the sea can end in the stars. We’re excited to introduce Space Cruisers™, a fun educational experience that introduces kids at Camp Ocean® to the wonders of space exploration. There’s hands-on building, learning, games and more for ages 2–11!

While we can’t wait to welcome Carnival Venezia™ and Carnival Firenze™, it’s important to note that these are a little different… and you’re gonna love that! These ships feature all the fun you expect, but they do it with a whole new flavor: Carnival Fun Italian Style™.