Ocean Stories

Featuring four unique travel shows, Ocean Stories happens now! Tune in as we connect people, places and cultures with incredible travel experiences.

Catch four new TV shows designed to highlight the wonders of cruising and show why it’s definitely the best way to see and learn about the world. We call it Ocean Stories! Saturday mornings feature Ocean Treks™ with Jeff Corwin, The Voyager™ with Josh Garcia, and Vacation Creation™, while Good Spirits™ means it’s time to hit the bar… for a history lesson! These series offer a varied and intimate look at sea travel and the powerful ways it connects people, places and cultures around the world.



FYI Network — Airing Thursday evenings
A&E Network — Airing Saturday mornings

Good Spirits follows pioneering cocktail chef Matthew Biancaniello to some of the planet’s most exotic destinations — travelling aboard world-class cruise ships — in search of the secrets, history and cultures mixed into the most famous cocktails ever created. Discover his passion for the native ingredients and colorful characters that inspire him to craft his one-of-a-kind cocktail sensations.


OCEAN TREKS with Jeff Corwin
ABC Stations — Airing Saturday mornings

Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin is a part of the Daytime Emmy-winning Litton’s Weekend Adventure, entertaining and educating the whole family Saturday mornings on ABC stations. Embark on an epic journey with your Emmy-winning host as he sails aboard cruise ships… toward adventure in some of the world’s greatest ports. From mountain climbs to deep sea dives, helicopter rides to glacier treks, Jeff inspires the explorer in all of us.

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THE VOYAGER with Josh Garcia
NBC Stations — Airing Saturday mornings

The Voyager with Josh Garcia follows video journalist and world-traveling host Josh Garcia off the beaten path in fascinating seaside ports, where he meets locals happy to share their life stories, rich history and exotic foods. Josh introduces viewers to the hidden beauty, cultural diversity and amazing local flavors native to each destination. The program airs as part of NBC's inspiring, all-new The More You Know programming.

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VACATION CREATION with Tommy Davidson and Andrea Feczko
The CW Stations — Airing Saturday mornings

Vacation Creation, featuring In Living Color star and comedian Tommy Davidson and YouTube celebrity Andrea Feczko, goes beyond the typical travel show by customizing the vacation of a lifetime for couples, individuals and families who face hardship, find themselves in need of hope… or just time together. Whether it's bringing together three generations of women for a visit to Russia, where their grandmother escaped a war, or giving a father with a life-threatening illness a trip to remember, the show follows Davidson and Feczko as they tell inspiring stories and surprise guests with a dream vacation. The series airs as part of The CW's One Magnificent Morning Saturday morning programming.

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