Sun Relief Package

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If you’re hoping for a sunny one out there — great! — this is the pack for you. First off is a bottle of 30 SPF sunscreen that isn’t just essential for your skin, Our Sunscreen is Reef –Safe  which means that the ingredients are not toxic to coral or any marine life in the coral reef ecosystem. You will be able to have tones of fun in your Shorex Excursion ride. Then there’s a towel that isn’t just good for wiping off the sweat, but keeping you cool thanks to its unique cooling technology that enhances the natural process of evaporation. And remains soft when wet , and stiff when dry performance fabric that always stays soft.  The only thing you need to worry about it is feeling cooler so that the heat doesn’t slow you down from doing what you love. And what better to top off the pack than not one but two caps — pick the one that matches your shoes, or just give the extra one to a friend. Today, cooler heads will prevail: the hats are made from the same stuff as the towel, so they’re always hard at work up-top, keeping you cool.