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Baltimore, MD

Set sail from the Charm City’s historic harbor on Carnival cruises from Baltimore, Maryland. Many of Baltimore’s vibrant neighborhoods and most important sights — including the original Star-Spangled Banner waving over Fort McHenry — can be found near the lively seaport, making it a snap to get a taste of the city. A collection of museums, markets, and maritime activities — like a thriving centuries-old marketplace — will start your Carnival cruise from Baltimore in style. Then, once you’re aboard, your ship will open the door to a host of new adventures. With destinations like Bermuda, The Bahamas and the Caribbean, cruises out of Baltimore have the variety to please everyone in your party.

  • Stroll among the buzzing shops and maritime sites of the Inner Harbor.
  • Cheer for the hometown Baltimore Orioles during the summer baseball season.
  • Catch an artillery demonstration at the Revolutionary War-era Fort McHenry.
  • Snack on sweet treats at an old-world cafe in Little Italy.