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San Francisco, CA

Seaports have always been important throughout history… it’s about more than just the cargo, but the import and export of ideas. You could say that a city’s seaside status almost necessarily creates a crossroads of cultures. All that said, something sets San Francisco apart! Maybe it’s the year-round comfy weather that makes people want to spend their time outdoors, or perhaps it’s the spectacular food culture, or the history, or the hills, or the architecture. But one thing can be proven: San Francisco is beautiful, arguably the most romantic and cosmopolitan city in the U.S., and all of these elements go into the mix of making it a place you want to be, whether you know it or not. From the world’s most recognizable bridge, The Golden Gate, to the quirky, flower-lined Lombard Street… it’s no surprise that in SF even a former prison island — you knew we’re talking about Alcatraz, right? — ends up being an iconic destination.

  • Send yourself to Alcatraz — for a little bit — as you visit the island that housed not only the prison, but a bird sanctuary and the west coast’s first lighthouse.
  • Walk among the world’s tallest trees, between 500 and 700 years old, at Muir Woods National Monument.
  • Get some of the city’s best views of the skyline — plus, actually, sea lions — at Pier 39 near Fisherman’s Wharf.
  • Visit San Francisco’s amazing neighbors like the charming, arty Sausalito and the serene Napa Valley wine region.