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Tortola, British Virgin Islands

If you’re looking for some of the most scenic blue ocean vistas in the Caribbean, you’ll find them on cruises to the British Virgin Islands. How many other islands give you the chance to sail on channel-crossing yachts destined for the Norman, Cooper, Salt or Pepper Islands? On cruises to Tortola, you can reach all of these, or jump right in and swim or snorkel into underwater caves and get up-close with colorful coral reefs. Another highlight of cruises to the British Virgin Islands is a scenic island tour that takes you up Fort Hill to Cane Garden Bay, where you can relax on spectacular white-sand beaches. Enjoy the tales of this historic waterway as you retrace the paths of Christopher Columbus and Sir Francis Drake on Carnival’s cruises to Tortola.

  • Experience the world famous Baths at Virgin Gorda.
  • The tallest mountain in all the Virgin Islands can be found in Sage Mountain Park.
  • Nearby Salt Island was once in habited by residents who sent Queen Elizabeth a one-pound bag per year as rent.