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Few places in the world pack in as much culture per square meter as Europe does… and nobody packs fun into Europe like Carnival does! There’s so much variety across the continent and its islands, and with Carnival you have options for experiencing many of these places by sea. Cruise the Mediterranean and soak in the espresso-fueled, yet somehow unhurried, cobblestone-lined street life from a sidewalk café. Snow-capped peaks go great with postcard-perfect glaciers across Northern Europe destinations… plus you’ll find some of the greenest British Isle views on the same itinerary! Western Europe cruises visit the region from which the explorers of the New World kicked off their voyages. If your head is spinning with all the possibilities… great! That means you have choices — and believe us, any one of them is the right choice!

  • See some of nature’s most dramatic landscapes.
  • Explore historical buildings, ruins and cathedrals that are older than many countries.
  • Check out museums and statues... and always read the plaques.