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Best known as the gateway to the Mediterranean, Gibraltar is a port whose big features defy its reputation as a tiny British territory. For instance, the Rock of Gibraltar is more a mountain than a pebble — despite its understated name — and features limestone burrow tunnels that helped Gibraltar fend off invaders for over 200 years. The most scenic way up the rock is the Mediterranean Steps — imagine a staircase leading up the great rock towards even greater vistas. Down below in Gibraltar (and especially on Main Street) shopping is big… and perhaps more importantly, it’s duty-free.

  • Traverse the elaborate network of World War II tunnels still in existence in Gibraltar.
  • Pause for a photo op at Europa Point’s famous red and white lighthouse.
  • Make St. Michael’s Cave your new top spot, with its stalagmites, stalactites, underground passageways and amphitheater.