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Kotor, Montenegro

Have you cruised a fjord lately? Well, fjord lovers take note: Kotor rests at the edge of the largest in the south of Europe. This body of water is a thing of beauty, but there’s more to Kotor — the city also sits at the base of an amazing mountain that makes for some dramatic overhead views. 360 degrees of beauty! How welcoming to visitors can a place be when it’s ringed by sturdy Venetian fortress walls… ones built all the way up the mountain to keep invaders out, no less? You’d be surprised! The old-town walled section of Kotor today throws its doors open to visitors from around the world who come to seek signs of its history among the local palaces, cathedrals and museums.

  • Visit a palace and a museum… at the same time! Montenegro’s National Museum is located in the royal palace where a king once lived.
  • Get top views — pun fully intended — from the vantage point of Njeguši, from which postcard-perfect photos are assured.
  • Say “hey” to history in Budva, one of the oldest spots you’ll find in the region, clocking in at over 2,500 years old.