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Molde, Norway

With your back to the town of Molde, Norway, you’ll first notice the incredible Romsdal Alps. You’ll wonder at their beauty — and the fact that somebody counted all 222 of them — but take your photos and turn around, because Molde is waiting! There’s a lot more to discover here … like why it’s known as the “Town of Roses.” That one is actually easy: residential areas, parks and streets alike are lined with colorful floral life — even the roof of the town hall gets in on the act! Two of the best ways to get a sense of life in the area are actually local museums: the Romsdal Museum features a collection of historic buildings arranged into a small village, plus don’t miss the nearby Fisheries Museum, your best look into the daily lives of the men who ply the surrounding seas harvesting herring. Still holding your camera? Of course you are. Take it to Trollstigen, an incredible mountain and valley that feature one incredibly convenient lookout point.