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Qaqortoq, Greenland

You'll find about 8% of the entire world's ice in Greenland, but surprisingly, not all of the country resembles the large ice cube you might be expecting. Qaqortoq is actually rather green by Greenland standards, and you'll find it situated at the southern tip of the island, not too far from Canada. While there, you'll enjoy a port that has buildings and landmarks dating back to the town's founding in the 18th century, though today it's best characterized by its hot springs, wildlife and Inuit culture.

  • Explore on your own and immerse yourself in the Inuit way of life.
  • Visit the local museum housed in the town’s oldest building, constructed in 1804.
  • Discover Stone and Man, an open air gallery with over 30 different carvings created by local Nordic artists.
  • Venture to the ruins of Hvalsey Church, dating back to the Viking period.