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Rijeka, Croatia

This may be understating things a little … but wow, does Croatia know how to build a good looking city! In the case of Rijeka, the coastal Adriatic Sea location and mountainous terrain—which starts just a bit inland—has definitely provided this city with some good bones. Its residents took things to the next level by adding Mediterranean red-tile roof architecture, pedestrian-friendly city center Korzo, and landmarks like the City Tower clock and the round St. Vitus Cathedral. The old town area boasts Roman walls, medieval churches, and the hilltop Trsat Castle, where all the best views happen. You don’t have to spend all your time in town, though — Rijeka has some incredible neighbors, like Pula with its 1st-Century Roman amphitheater, Hum – known as the world’s smallest town, and the huge Island of Krk … which features way more fun than it does vowels.