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Mexican Riviera

Beautiful beaches, on-land adventures and delicious food — this is what’s on the menu when you cruise to the Mexican Riviera. That’s right, we’re talking about the good life! Our Mexican Riviera cruises are the perfect vacation for days of sights to see. From the crystal-clear waters and sparkling nightlife of Puerto Vallarta and La Paz, to the energizing fun of sport fishing and shopping in Mazatlan, Mexican Riviera cruises inspire a feeling of getting away — way away. Oh... and don't forget about the beaches and underwater scenery of Cabo San Lucas. Cruise to the Mexican Riviera and you don’t have to choose just one vacation experience — you can try them all.

  • Explore the sandy land via serene horseback or thrilling ATV.
  • Check out the colorful life below the sea, or the flippy creatures living at the surface.
  • Make the most of this landscape by adventuring above it, through it or below it.