As we head into spring, let's take a look at some of the most fun you can have right now, or this summer, or later in the fall… hey, anyone noticing a trend here? That's right, any time of year is the perfect one on a Carnival cruise.

March marked Carnival's 50th b-day… and you can imagine what kind of party that milestone calls for! We already went and kicked off the celebration, but we'll be celebrating all year long. Hey, so here's to marking milestones! And while we're on the topic, we put together a video where we share some thoughts on having spent 50 years of fun with you!

We've got a new ship setting sail from Miami… and Carnival Celebration's big debut will be here before you know it! So when the calendar strikes November folks are going to be enjoying incredible fun, food… and let's not forget brand-new onboard experiences like the Celebration Central and 820 Biscayne zones.

An Alaska cruise sounds like just the thing to turn your summer vacation in an unexpectedly cool direction. Cruises are now available for summer 2022 and 2023, and Alaska checks so many boxes for folks looking for a radically different type of summer scenery. Glaciers, anyone? Pack a sweater!

We're so proud of our latest ship, Mardi Gras, and all the fun that people have already been enjoying… like BOLT, the first rollercoaster at sea and the six new zones, each dedicated to different flavors of fun. How can you get a little of this in your life (and soon)? Port Canaveral, Florida is the spot where all this goodness gets started, and if you're making plans, let's not count 2022 out. Yes, you can plan now and sail this year!

Go grab your calendar… we'll wait. Okay, if you can find three free days in a row, that means you've got time for a Carnival cruise! Some of our most popular cruises are five days or less, and take it from us: these short cruises are no less fun that the longer ones!

If you have the time to spare — and here's a hint: summer vacation will be here before you know it! — why not plan something big for the whole family this year? Go for a cruise that's six days or longer, and you can visit more destinations and experience even more fun on one convenient cruise.

So let's say you're cruising from LA (well, technically Long Beach, which is nearby). Can we just say… 1) great choice!, and 2) great ships! That's right, two of our newer ones sail from here. Choose Carnival Panorama or the transformed Carnival Radiance, and enjoy destinations like Baja Mexico or the Mexican Riviera. (Bonus: a third ship, Carnival Miracle sails to Alaska or Hawaii!)

If you're visiting Amber Cove (oh, and can we just say that everybody definitely should, at least once?) you should check out the Waterfalls of Rio de Damajagua. Carnival makes it safe and easy to book an excursion to this natural wonder, which starts with a scenic hike and before long gets you splashing into a fresh, sparkling pool of mountain water.

Have you been FUNDERSTRUCK yet? If your answer isn't something like “yes!” “yep!” “yeah!” or “uh-huh, and I'll do it again” let's make sure you're clear on just what we're talking about. Know that unmistakable feeling of fun people experience on a Carnival cruise? The kind they get from riding rollercoasters at sea, singing karaoke in the voice of their choice, or opting to have dessert before and after dinner? Just a few examples… that's Funderstruck!