This time we’re going to take a look at where, when and how to get back to fun.

Some folks may be wondering how exactly you cruise these days. The good news: getting yourself aboard a Carnival cruise isn’t really that much different! If you’re fully vaccinated against COVID, you can sail now. (But definitely book soon, since there aren’t many rooms left for 2021!) This includes cruises during the holidays — we go all-out for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's with unforgettable events.

Listen up, South Florida… or anyone who can get there: our two newest and most innovative ships sail from your backyard. As you know, Mardi Gras has finally kicked off sailings from Port Canaveral (you couldn’t have missed news this big!) And amazing ship #2, the new Carnival Celebration, sets sail from Miami in 2022 — that’s our 50th birthday!

You know, we’re actually not done telling you about good stuff that starts in Florida! Fun vacations get going all up and down the east coast of this sunshiny state: we’re talking cruises from Miami, Port Canaveral and Jacksonville. Oh, and let’s not forget who’s repping the Gulf Coast: it’s Tampa cruises! Two whole coasts of fun.

If you’re thinking of cruising from Galveston, good thinking! That idea can take you to all sorts of great places… like down to the Caribbean, but remember that you’ve got your choice of cruising the Eastern Caribbean or Western Caribbean. And if you’re looking for a really unique cruise, we have one scheduled from Galveston to the legendary Panama Canal — yes, only one. You’ll want to jump on this one fast!

Speaking of Alaska, turn your next summer vacation in an unexpectedly cool direction. Cruises are now available for 2022 and 2023, and Alaska checks so many boxes for folks looking for a radically different type of summer scenery. Glaciers, anyone? Pack a sweater!

Go grab your calendar… we’ll wait. Okay, if you can find three free days in a row, that means you’ve got time for a Carnival cruise! Some of our most popular cruises are five days or less, and take it from us: these short cruises are no less fun that the longer ones!

So let’s say you’re going to cruise from LA (well, technically Long Beach, which is nearby). Can we just say… 1) great choice!, and 2) great ships! That’s right, two of our newest sail from here. Choose Carnival Panorama or the transformed Carnival Radiance, and take them to some amazing destinations like Baja Mexico or the Mexican Riviera. (Bonus: a third ship, Carnival Miracle sails to Alaska or Hawaii!)

Any Carnival cruise is fun, but not all cruise destinations are the same! This is true, but there’s a collection of spots where it’s actually extra-true — places where the exclusive amenities make it a great place to spend a cruise day. We’re talking spots like Half Moon Cay, Amber Cove, Mahogany Bay, Princess Cays and Grand Turk. Step off the ship and so much of the good stuff is right there, meaning you’re just so close to the fun!