This time we’re bringing you some great ideas for new ships to explore, fun to experience, flavors to try… and don’t miss the news about that new destination we’re building!

This pick goes first because we’re just that excited about our all-new destination! Celebration Key opens in 2025 and has our biggest fans practically ready to go, thanks to new features like a mile-long white sand beach, largest freshwater lagoons in the Caribbean, local Bahamian flavors and shopping, plus excursions and more. And best of all, you can already book your cruise to Celebration Key!

It may sound a little funny, but now you can find Fun Italian Style on both coasts… of the U.S. that is! But the big news is that Carnival Firenze will soon be sailing from Long Beach towards Mexico’s Pacific coast, on a ship full of autentico flavor like Amari Bar and Il Viaggio restaurant. (And East Coasters, don’t forget to check out Carnival Venezia, sailing from NYC!)

Whale-watching on a cruise, anyone? Wow, that’s actually a lot of hands! Okay, then you’re all going to want to check out Carnival’s cruises to Alaska. You’ve got options… and they’re all great. It starts with West Coast departure ports: Seattle or San Francisco? Either one’s great and they both end in a cool cruise during Alaska’s warmer months, which means perfect weather for cruising a fjord, checking out a glacier, hiking scenic trails, or yep, even dogsledding!

Is the best part of a Carnival cruise the cruise itself? Or the destinations? Or the fun you’ll find there? All of the above… but definitely don’t miss booking a shore excursion or two during your next cruise! Not only does Carnival help you find the best things to do in your destination when you book with us, but you can also rest easy knowing you’re getting the best price. So rest up — save some money and set aside some energy for the excursion!

What makes Florida the perfect place to start your Carnival cruise? All the fun that shines through, warming up your cruise from the very beginning. Bask in it as you kick off your vacation from East Coast homeports of Miami, Port Canaveral and Jacksonville… or Tampa for a little of that Gulf Coast vibe. And “where to” is just as exciting as “where from”: Florida lets you visit spots like The Bahamas, the islands across the Caribbean, plus Mexico… and even exotic options like the Panama Canal and Transatlantic!

…so if you happen to notice new flavors in the Main Dining Room next time you cruise… just kidding, of course you can’t miss them! They come courtesy of Emeril, our Chief Culinary Officer, and you’ll find them right there on your menu. There’s also a new cooking class at Carnival Kitchen curated by Emeril himself, plus all-new flavor options, including wine selections, at The Chef’s Table.

Have you met our newest ship, Carnival Jubilee? This one just kicked things off, features six amazing zones packed with fun, and even sails now from Galveston towards fun spots across the Western Caribbean! And don’t miss sister ships Carnival Celebration®, sailing from Miami, and Mardi Gras®, sailing from Port Canaveral.

Nothing brings people together like a Carnival cruise during the summer. It’s not just that the planning is easier when the kids are out of school… but it’s the stuff that families can do as they make memories. The ship is packed with perfectly-seasoned activities like waterslides, mini-golf and pickleball, while our destinations have fun, sun, and plenty to explore together. But just as importantly, a Carnival cruise gives couples, kids — and really, everyone — a chance to do their own thing with fun that’s just right for them.

Based on publicly available data of surface area measurements as of 01/22/24.