Service Dogs

We are delighted that your service dog will accompany you on your cruise, and take this advance opportunity to welcome you onboard. Carnival Cruise Lines only permits service/working dogs onboard, a working/service dog is legally defined and is trained to meet the disability related need. We do not allow guests to sail with therapy/companion dogs or service dogs in training.

Service dogs must have current vaccinations; these vaccinations are in addition to what governing port officials require. Please know that many of the ports you may visit will only accept annual rabies vaccinations. The three-year rabies vaccination is not recognized in many countries. It is the guest’s responsibility to contact the Department of Agriculture or your Service Dogs Veterinarian to obtain information on the requirements at each port. The failure to have the required vaccinations or documentation may result in your service animal not be able to disembark or quarantine.

If you choose to disembark the ship in a visiting port of call, in which your service dog does not have the required documents, or you choose to leave your service dog onboard. You must make arrangements for the care of your dog. Our ships staff cannot care for the dog, nor can the dog be left in the stateroom unattended.

Please carry the original records of vaccinations and any permits required for visiting ports of call with you while traveling. A copy of these permits must be left with our Guest Services desk upon boarding.

If you need general information about accessibility before you cruise, please email us at If you have an ADA complaint, please call us at 1-800-929-6400 or email