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Close to Home Cruising

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Benefits of Cruising Close to Home

You want to take a cruise, not a plane trip. We can’t blame you — today more than ever, there’s even more reason to avoid the hassles of air travel. Why start your fun, relaxing vacation off with a headache?

We think sailing from a port that’s close-by is the best way to go, and fortunately, we have ports all over the place. (Well, in a lot of places... sorry, Nebraska.)

Here are a few things that should make you smile. Sail from a port close to home and enjoy…

  • •  No flight expenses More money for shore excursions!
  • •  No airport headaches Practically fly directly to the port… by car.
  • •  No check-in, check-out hotel hassle Just head straight to your stateroom.
  • •  Year-round cruising possibilities Have a free weekend? Have a 3 day cruise! Need a vacation?
        You need something longer… maybe a 7 or 9 day cruise!
  • •  Some awesome, faraway places Your local Carnival port can help get you to the Caribbean,
        New England, Alaska, the Bahamas or Mexico, for the ultimate getaway.