Cruises from New Orleans, LA

Discover the charm of the Crescent City on Carnival cruises from New Orleans, Louisiana. The New Orleans French Quarter is as romantic as ever, with restaurants serving up heaping helpings of savory Creole cuisine, and nightclubs and street musicians playing the kind of jazz that gets your toes tapping. Time your New Orleans cruise right, and you can step out with the parades of Jazz Fest and Mardi Gras.

  • Eat, drink, and revel in the lively French Quarter.
  • Spot mansions peeking out from lush greenery in the Garden District.
  • Dunk sugary beignets in your café au lait at Café du Monde.
  • Celebrate the history of Mardi Gras before you cruise from New Orleans.
  • Swing into the night at a live jazz club.

Average weather in New Orleans, LA
Month High Low Prec Month High Low Prec
January 62F 45F 5.15inc July 91F 75F 5.93inc
February 65F 48F 5.46inc August 91F 75F 5.98inc
March 72F 54F 4.55inc September 88F 72F 5.05inc
April 78F 60F 4.61inc October 80F 63F 3.58inc
May 85F 68F 4.63inc November 72F 54F 4.49inc
June 90F 74F 8.06inc December 64F 47F 5.33inc
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