Carnival LIVE

A Carnival cruise is a great way to explore new places, try new things… and catch an all-time favorite.

And there’s no substitute for seeing them live. So Carnival LIVE brings entertainers you know to the greatest venue of all: your vacation. Right there on the ship you’ll have the unique opportunity to see an amazing musician or laugh-out-loud-funny comedian take the stage. Seating is limited in the onboard theater venue, but there isn’t a bad seat anywhere in the house.

Choose a Carnival LIVE cruise and you'll not only enjoy an unforgettable live performance, plus everything a Carnival cruise has to offer… you'll enjoy it all with your fellow fans. There's plenty of opportunity to meet, greet and air-guitar your favorite solos or reel off the funniest punchlines, whether over dinner, a drink or just a sea view. When buying your tickets, you’ll even have the option of upgrading your experience — go VIP for top seats and a photo-op with the stars.


So book your cruise, grab your tickets and get ready to get cruising!


Gifted performers give it all they’ve got, live. Who will give your vacation that extra boost?


Experience Carnival LIVE and you're gonna have photos to share.
We'll take 'em  — just hashtag them #CarnivalLIVE to submit.


A great vacation, with an amazing show in one port of call.
And absolutely no waiting for tickets at will call.

Buy concert tickets
Get tickets.

While booking your cruise, you'll get to buy your concert tickets. (Already booked and still need tickets?) Prices vary by artist, and start at just $35.

Get concert tickets hand-delivered to your stateroom
Get ready…

Waiting at 'will call'? Maybe on land. Here, everyone gets their tickets hand-delivered to their stateroom before the show. Now that's service.

A unique experience for VIP ticket holders
Get up close.

VIP ticket holders get the best seats and a photo op with the artist — a truly unique experience. Prices vary by artist, and start at just $250.

A vacation experience to remember with your favorite band

During one stop on your cruise, the performer boards the ship and puts on an amazing show. You, of course, get a vacation experience to remember.