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Icy Strait Point, Alaska

Icy Strait Point is a sight, alright, for eyes that hunger for the greens of the dense Tongass Forest, the azure waters of Port Frederick, and the spot where these come together. Make landfall here and find yourself in Hoonah, where the native Huna Tlingit tribe have lived for thousands of years. Not quite as old — only about 100 years young — are remnants of the local cannery, a symbol of the industry that put this area on modern maps. Hugely important then but long out of operation, the cannery today is restored and tourable, just one historical signpost in a place as well-known for its natural sights.

  • Watch whales and try your eye at sighting a brown bear on the same excursion.
  • Breeze from the top of Hoonah Mountain to the beach of Icy Strait Point on a mile-plus zip-line ride.
  • Learn about the history and customs of the native Huna Tlingit tribe through interpretive song, dance and storytellings.