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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands

Just a few years ago Santa Cruz de Tenerife was named a top-five best place to live. Not in the Canary Islands, not in Spain… in the entire world. But before you pack up and move, why not start with a visit? Spots you shouldn’t miss while scoping out future living plans include the highest point in all Spanish territory — an inactive volcano at Las Canadas National Park that nature has built up to 12,000 feet, Tenerife’s original capital city of La Laguna that’s still proudly showing off some 17th century architecture… and honestly, who would skip the village of Taganana, known for its local cheeses and wine? Perhaps somebody more interested in a family of the six mysterious ancient pyramids of Güímar, or the Renaissance-era mansions of La Orotava? Either way, up to you — it’s not like there’s a wrong way to see Santa Cruz de Tenerife.