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Southern Caribbean

Cruises to Southern Caribbean islands are the stuff vivid tropical daydreams are made of. The rainforests of Dominica, crystal-clear waters of US Virgin Island St. Thomas, seaside villages of Barbados and white-sand beaches of Aruba are just a few of the exotic treasures you’ll find on your travels — and each of these iconic island experiences can be yours on cruises to the Southern Caribbean. These far-flung islands were made for getting out and swimming, snorkeling, hiking… not to mention excellent shopping and beach lounging. For a remote island getaway within reach of home, look no further than one of Carnival’s cruises to the Southern Caribbean.

  • Get a taste of the Dutch life, island-style, in Aruba, Curaçao or Bonaire.
  • Marvel at pastel buildings that come in more hues than a crayon box.
  • Explore aquatic delights, both above and below the surface.