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We get it. It's a group thing.

You already know that there are tons of fun things waiting for you and your group aboard a Carnival cruise.
But have you thought about plans for your party's visits to our beautiful ports?

What's in a group?
Each group is unique and special, so why not select special shore excursions just for them? From relaxing
to exhilarating, whether your group is big or small, Carnival can accommodate all those who are involved.

If you have a common group booking number and hosting a minimum of 16 guests, we'd be glad to help you book shore excursions that are perfect for your party. Booking a group of 50 or more? We'll even custom-design a shore excursion, just for your group!

Here's what you do.
Tell us what you'd like to do when you're ashore, and we'll plan some fun, just for you. To get started, click the button below that best describes your group and tell us a little bit about you. One of our experts will contact you, and get you on your way to some fun.


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For frequently asked questions regarding group shore excursions, click here .

Benefits of Booking through Carnival Groups