Emeril Lagasse + Carnival


Emeril is joining us as Carnival’s Chief Culinary Officer... plus he’ll be kicking it up a notch with his third bistro at sea!

Flavor has always been a part of a Carnival cruise, but we’re ordering up a future you can really get hungry for. Every sailing is going to be getting something new in the flavor department, now that Emeril has signed on as Carnival’s first-ever Chief Culinary Officer!

He’ll be bringing his eye for excitement and his legendary taste for flavor to all of our onboard restaurants, everything from casual to fancy... including a few of his own originals: Emeril’s Bistro 1396 and its Creole classics on Mardi Gras®, Emeril’s Bistro 1397 featuring international flavors on Carnival Celebration, plus a third bistro in the works, Emeril’s Bistro 717, aboard the upcoming Carnival Jubilee! Aside from the restaurants, one of his most important tasks will be helping us nurture the next generation of culinary talent... plus, when you cruise, keep an eye open for a special Emeril recommendation on the Main Dining Room menu.

emeril lagasse smiles in a kitchen


Meet the only Emeril restaurants at sea.
powdered sugar is sprinkled on food
sauted shrimp are lined up on a dish
rice and chicken is served on a black dish

Mardi Gras®

It’s hard to believe, but before 2020 there was nowhere at sea that you could eat a meal by Emeril! Mardi Gras fixed that up quite nicely, bringing Creole cuisine favorites from his native New Orleans to the same ship you’d find the first rollercoaster at sea.
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a dessert and chips are served on a dish
a bowl of soup and rice is served on a dish

Carnival Celebration

Emeril’s second restaurant at sea starts with his Creole hometown flavors — that’s where the heart is — but also takes your taste buds on a whirlwind world tour, with daily dish options coming from far-flung corners of the world from Europe to South America, Asia and beyond.
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“Developing my restaurants with Carnival and learning about the cruise industry has been exhilarating. I love Carnival’s focus on the food and fun they offer guests. I’m looking forward to building on our success at sea with Carnival’s exceptional culinary team!”
-Emeril Lagasse, Chief Culinary Officer